Choosing the Best Property Manager

Key Tips When Choosing a Property Manager


Make sure the Senior Property Manager you meet on site is the actual Property Manger handling and managing your investment property, not a junior assistant.


Choose a Senior Property Manager is invested with the company, who intends on staying at the company for the next 5 years. This ensures a great ongoing relationship with your Senior Property Manager.


Make sure the Senior Property Manager has a lot of experience in the property industry and life.


Make sure the Senior Property Manager Is a licensed Estate Agent – Means they are invested in property and knows all the legalities.


Choose a Senior Property Manager who is always self improving with up to date ongoing training.


Technology – Is the company using modern technology? How quickly will you be paid once tenant has paid their rent.


The Senior Property Manager knows Melbourne very well, eg; lived a decent amount of time in Melbourne and has real knowledge of Melbourne properties, public transport, parks, schools to give prospective tenants knowledge of the area.



Choose a great communicator and has a love of property and people. As where people live, at times can be very emotional. This is were a Senior Property Manager needs to be confident and equipped with people managing skills.


Instant repport that the Senior Property Manager will have the best intentions of taking care of your investment property and your requirements.

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